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A local NBC station in Dallas ran a story a few years ago about a DIY mechanic who saved himself thousands of dollars each year just by fixing his SUV himself. And all he did was watch videos on YouTube to learn how to make the necessary repairs to his Volvo XC90.

The Internet is a vast and powerful resource for so many things, and DIY auto repair is no exception. And sure, fixing other people’s cars and trucks is exactly what we get paid to do, but if we can save our customers some money with a little advice, that’s also what we do.

That said, there are inherent risks associated with vehicle service and repair. Proper tools should be used and safety measures should be taken. Protect yourself with safety glasses, hearing protection, dust masks, latex gloves and some common sense. Mistakes could result in injury or death. Mistakes could also incur expensive repair by a professional, which may not have been as expensive if you had consulted a professional in the first place. We have also seen DIY mistakes land “the do it yourselfer” in the doghouse with friends, neighbors, family members or all three. Our take is that most people have better things to do than fix their own cars. We aren’t recommending you perform your own auto repairs but if you are going to do it anyway you might find these resources helpful.


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